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Storm protection in Florida comes in a variety of products.

All certified storm products will offer storm protection. We carry basic items such as storm panels all the way up to push-button electric roll-down shutters and everything in between.

Storm Panels and Shutters have many benefits with injury prevention, ease of use and added resale value are the primary benefits. They prevent injury because they provide Hurricane Protection from dangerous weather conditions and hurricane-force winds. This prevents shards of glass flying throughout your home in a dangerous weather event.

Hurricane shutters are set up and ready to use.

Whenever they are needed, they can be quickly and easily set up by one person in just a few seconds. Like many home projects, they add resale value to your home to potential buyers. They come in may style, size and configurations to complement your home’s design.

Nobody has more experience in providing storm protection than we do. As State Certified General Contractors we know structures and how to build and protect them. We offer aluminum storm panels, accordion shutters, electric roll down shutters and fabric shield.

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