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In addition to having to stand up to hurricane force winds and rain, impact rated windows must withstand the impact of an 8’ 2 x 4 fired out of an air cannon and impacting the window at 50 feet per second … without failing.

This is accomplished because the impact-resistant glass is encased in a heavy duty frame which is then secured and fastened to the interior window header and frame.

Both the glass and the frame of impact windows must be incredibly strong in order to pass these tests. The glass in the windows Practical Windows and Doors uses is triple pane with an embedded layer of clear poly vinyl butyl that makes the glass virtually impenetrable, in the same fashion as a car windshield.

Laminated glass is composed of 2 sheets of glass that has an inner shatter-proof membrane that holds the glass together firmly within the frame. This is the barrier that protects your windows. Practical Windows and Doors impact rated windows protect against storms, intruders, noise, heat and cold, harmful ultra violet rays and energy waste.

While at the same time generating an outstanding return on investment while delivering comfort, security and peace of mind plus reduced home owners insurance premiums.

Almost any style of window and many colors are available in impact. To find out how affordable our impact windows are please call.

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