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Practical Windows and Doors sells a variety of operating windows.

Operating windows are windows that can open and close to permit ventilation in your home. The part of the window that opens and closes is called the sash.

One type of operating window is called a horizontal slider window. Horizontal slider windows have sashes that move side to side. These sashes don’t tilt in to clean but do offer the ability to span a larger width than single or double hung windows. Not quite as traditional as single or double hung windows, these windows can often be less expensive while at the same time offering sight lines preferred by some customers.

Horizontal sliding windows are a common style for modern and contemporary homes. They make easy-opening windows that are common over kitchen counters and sinks. They can be easier and faster to open then the crank-style casement windows. Since they slide open without using interior or exterior space, they work well for patios, hallways, kitchens, walkways and other areas with limited space.

An offshoot of the traditional 2 lite slider is what is called a 3 lite slider. This window can span widths of 110” and sometimes more depending on height. The 3 lite slider has an operating sash at each end with a beautiful picture window in the middle, and is very popular when replacing (3) old style windows joined together in many living rooms in our area.

At Practical Windows and Doors, we will show you our style, shape and materials options and help you decide on the window solution that’s best for you.

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