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Fiberglass Doors Won’t Dent, Rot Or Rust

Doors today are made of wood, steel and fiberglass. They all can be installed in every color of the rainbow and frankly, from just a few feet away even a trained professional cannot tell them apart.

The original door is the wood door. No doubt the first doors were made thousands of years ago and used to secure entrances to many types of places people called home.

Over the years doors became a basic of the building industry and in the last 100 years or so steel doors were introduced. Steel was a strong building material that didn’t rot or swell like wood did, and unlike wood, insects didn’t eat it and water didn’t seem to affect it nearly as much as wood. Steel doors became regarded as a better door than wood. But, over time, it rusted because after all…it was steel.

The latest truly great looking doors to be introduced to the industry have been FIBERGLASS DOORS. Actually, the doors only have a thin fiberglass skin, but the fiberglass skin does everything the steel skinned doors do, but they don’t rust. In our harsh sub-tropical market, more people purchase fiberglass doors as exterior doors than the other two choices combined.

Again, from a looks standpoint, once painted, fiberglass, wood and steel all look identical, and all are available in impact as well as non-rated products, plus can and have all the designer glass options that can be found in any door. Fiberglass doors are available in either a smooth skin or a woodgrain embossed skin. Both can be painted but the embossed skin can also be stained.

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