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Practical Windows and Doors sells a variety of operating windows.

Operating windows are windows that can open and close to permit ventilation in your home. The part of the window that opens and closes is called the sash.

One type of operating window is called a casement window. These are the windows that are operated by cranks and swing open and closed. Casement windows are hung vertically and hinged one one side so that it can swing inward or outward. Casement windows are a very popular for homes and usually contain leaded glass. They are typically hinged at the vertical side of the window but can be horizontally paced as well.

With more moving parts they are a little more costly but provide maximum ventilation and an unobstructed view. A single casement window is limited in width to 36”, but multiple units can be mulled together to span larger openings. Casement can be hinged either at the top or the side and are the only windows with interior screens.

At Practical Windows and Doors, we will show you our style, shape and materials options and help you decide on the window solution that’s best for you.

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