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Single Hung Windows | St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa and Largo FL

Single hung windows are now considered a more traditional window. They slide vertically much like a classic-style sash window. It is an excellent choice for walkways, small rooms, porches and patios because it doesn't use any interior or exterior space when opening and closing.

With single hung windows, the bottom sash slides upward while the top sash is fixed. Sashes that go up and down are called hung windows. Single hung windows typically have outside screens. Another great options is the single hung tilt window. They have a bottom sash that tilts inward to you can clean the outside of the window while inside your home.

Single hung windows are excellent for ventilation and are frequently used in bedrooms and bathrooms. Customers with 2 story homes will generally order single hung on the first floor and double hung on the second floor specifying half screens on the double hung windows. This is so from the outside, all the windows will look identical and yet you will be able to clean the windows above the first floor without a ladder.

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