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Practical Windows and Doors carries a full line of New and Replacement Windows from major manufacturers such as Simonton, PGT, Andersen and more. Our professional staff at Practical Windows and Doors will match your needs with the window that best meets them. We carry all window types and styles, including vinyl windows and uPVC vinyl windows, and most replacement windows brands that are available in St. Petersburg, Clearwater and the Tampa Bay area.

We offer:

  • Impact Windows for Hurricane Protection
  • Coastal Storm Windows to satisfy Miami-Dade TAS 201, 202, 203
  • Hurricane Windows tested to large missile impact test ASTM/E1886/E1996
  • Affordable Non-Impact Windows
  • Energy Saving Windows with Energy Star ratings
  • Vinyl Windows to resist salt spray and sea air
  • uPVC Vinyl Windows for energy efficiency
  • Wood Clad Windows for easy care and natural beauty
  • Low-maintenance Aluminum Windows
  • Insulated Windows for energy savings
  • A large selection of Low E Windows with low-emittance coatings to reduce U-factor
  • Argon Gas-filled Replacement Windows for energy efficiency
  • Frosted Glass Windows for privacy and filtered light
  • Tinted Glass Windows with high-efficiency coatings to reduce light transmission

In many types and styles, including:

  • Single Hung Windows for traditional style - only the bottom sash slides up
  • Double Hung Windows - both top and bottom sashes slide, allowing for more air circulation
  • Casement Windows - Side-mounted windows to crank open for superior ventilation, in-swinging or out-swinging, hung singly or in pairs
  • Awning windows - Top-mounted windows that open like casement windows
  • Horizontal Slider Windows - Sliding windows seal in energy. One or more panels may be fixed while others slide.
  • Picture Windows - fixed windows that offer an unimpeded view
  • Bay Windows - For a room with a view! Windows that project from the wall with a central fixed pane and sash or casement windows on either side
  • Bow Windows - like a bay window with more that three sections in a graceful curve, often with sash windows on the sides
  • Architectural Shapes - Add a distinct architectural finish to your home with architectural replacement windows in a variety of shapes and sizes - from circles and arches to triangles and trapezoids - to reflect your unique aesthetics and style
  • Many window types can be hung in combination, offering and endless variety of design and styles

At Practical Windows and Doors, we will show you our style, shape and materials options and help you decide on the window solution that's best for you. To get a better idea of available options in windows today, read our- or just leave it to us when we give you your free quote!


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