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Impact windows by Practical Windows and Doors for your Largo home is a wise investment. Impact windows aka hurricane windows have become a necessity to stave off Florida's torrential storms. Impact windows are considered storm windows because they protect you, your home and your belongings. What makes impact rated windows hurricane resistant?

Impact rated windows must pass a simulated test before they can go into production. They must withstand the impact of an eight foot two by four that is shot from an air cannon at fifty feet per second. The window must not be penetrated by the wood.

Storm windows use impact resistant triple pane glass that is encased in a clear layer of poly vinyl butyl rubber. The glass in hurricane windows is composed of two sheets of reinforced glass with a shatter-proof membrane. This membrane holds the glass firmly together within the frame. The window is then surrounded by a heavy duty frame secured to the window by header frame. This is the same technology you would find in a car's windshield.

Not only do impact windows protect your from hurricane force winds and rain, but they also protect you and your home from intruders, harmful ultra-violet rays and noise. They are also made to better regulate heat and cold within your house to make it more energy efficient.

Impact rated windows by Practical Windows and Doors are a great investment because they add thousands of dollars to your home's value, reduce your home owner's insurance monthly premiums and save your on monthly utility bills. Impact windows come in many different sizes, colors and styles that will fit the look and feel of every Largo home.

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