How To Lower The National Average Cost Of Water Heater Repairs

When your water heater malfunctions and you are left without hot water, you will probably want to consider immediate Water Heater Repair to restore your heating system back to working order. Tankless water heaters or instant hot water heaters heat water immediately, without waiting for the traditional tank water temperature. Since the unit is quite compact, you do not need to create space for a large bulky water tank as the system is quite compact. In addition, a well-designed tankless hot water heater is more energy efficient than other heating units.

To find a qualified water heater repair technician, check with your local heating and air conditioning supply companies. They may offer referrals to local plumbers and specialists who can provide expert advice when it comes to water heater repairs. In addition to your local HVAC supply companies, many online websites offer a directory of local contractors, so you can be easily located and contacted. Additionally, some websites offer online chat or email support for their customers, so if you have any issues, questions, or concerns you can easily communicate with a technician in your area in a matter of minutes.

There are several common problems that plumbers and technicians encounter with water heater repair, which can be avoided by knowing what they are and how to fix them. Common problems include:

  • Leakage – This is perhaps the most common reason for needing hot water heater repairs. Leakage occurs when the system does not maintain proper headspace or area around the heating element. Leakage can result in serious damage to your water heating system and can even lead to fire. For leaks, you should place black garbage bags around your tank or on the ground around your tank. You can further prevent leaks by putting plastic liners around your tank and on the pipes below it.
  • Leaky Head Sets – One of the most popular reasons homeowners seek the services of a licensed water heater repair technician is because they notice leaks. Most often, these leaks occur between the bottom of the tank and the wall of the home. To determine whether or not a leak is present, you can use a drain pan to check for leaks. If you notice a small amount of water leaking, you may not need a heater replacement. However, if the leak continues and water begins to seep into cracks around the home, you may need to contact a repair technician.
  • Hot Water Stove Replacement – While this seems like an obvious problem, most homeowners do not replace their heaters because they think it will be cheaper to replace them instead of repairing them. However, a faulty hot water heater will go bad regardless of whether it is repaired or replaced. This means that you should always buy a new one over repairing a faulty one.
  • Ceiling Repair – A lot of time, homeowners overlook caulking around the ceiling of the unit. However, this is a very important step to take when repairing your unit. Without this type of caulk, leaks will be much more difficult to detect. Instead of hiring a professional, consider doing the job yourself. Simply run a piece of tape along the bottom and side of the area where the caulk was installed before sealing it.

These are just some of the ways that homeowners can save money when it comes to repairing their water heater. While these tips may not offer any secrets or special deals, they will certainly help you do the job yourself, saving you the fees of a repairman. The national average cost of repairs may seem high, but with these tips, you should have no problem saving a lot of money when it comes to fixing your unit.